Monday 22 April 2019
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Wonkee Donkee – How to fit internal bifold doors

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Bifold doors are a superb answer when you want to maintain as much space as possible in your home. They open and close with an effect rather like a concertina, so the door does not require any room to swing. Whether you’ve chosen bifold doors as a means of moving between spaces, closing off walk in wardrobes or pantries, or for any other purpose, it’s important to understand how to install these specialised fittings into their designated position safely and effectively. Here are a few tips when fitting your brand new internal bifold doors.

  1. Measure the space first

Bifold doors cannot be trimmed and are made to measure, so be sure you’ve measured the area for the doors and the track correctly before you do anything else, including ordering your door.

  1. Clear the area

Make sure you have enough space to move around the door and step from one side to the other across where the tracks will be placed. You also need enough room to lay the door down on the floor if needed.

  1. Install the track

Be sure to follow any particular instructions that the manufacturer has provided before you get cracking, and be sure to ask which tools they most highly recommend that you use. You should screw the top track into the head jamb (top) of the door opening first, then position the bottom track, including the pivot hardware, on the floor, ensuring that it lines up perfectly with the top track before screwing it in.

  1. Attach the pivots

This is something of a moment of truth, so be sure to take your time and ensure that everything aligns before you go any further. The pivot hardware and any runners that are to be affixed to the doors must fit perfectly with the tracks that have already been installed, as the doors will be prevented from opening, closing or folding correctly otherwise.

  1. Install the doors

Again, take your time and ensure that you are extremely careful at this stage. Where possible, ask another person to hold each door steady while you position it. Insert the first door’s bottom pivot into the lower track first. There should be a clear socket for this. Once this is done, you can fix the same door’s top pivot in place and secure the door. Be aware that some top pivots are spring loaded and will need to be pulled back before insertion. The door brackets can then be affixed to each side.

Any finishing touches, such as handles or decoration, can be applied at the end. If your door does not open and close easily, you may have made a mistake within the process. If you are unable to find the source of the problem, it is highly recommended that you call the manufacturer. To find your perfect bifold doors, and for more information about interior fittings, visit Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery today at