Monday 25 March 2019
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What is Sandblasted Glass?

In glassmaking, many methods can be used to create translucent, obscure glass or add texture to a pane of glass, but few are as effective in both regards as sandblasting. By blowing fine sand at the glass with a powerful blast of air, the sand can be made to scour the surface of the glass, creating a frosted appearance and a slightly coarser texture.

This combination makes sandblasted glass perfect for a range of applications, from flooring to decorative items and bathroom fixtures. Whatever you need, there is a sandblasted glass solution that’s perfect for you – and at Express Toughening, we can help connect you to the ideal solution, making sure that your glassware solutions meet your needs exactly.

What is Sandblasted Glass?

Sandblasted glass is glass which has been scoured with very fine sand, driven by blasts of air. The effect of this scouring is the surface of the glass becoming opaque, and taking on a frosted appearance. Essentially transformed into a form of obscure glass, this sandblasted glass can easily display patterns, pictures and logos, among other things – what you choose to etch onto your sandblasted glass is limited only by your imagination! Let us know what you’re looking for in your sandblast design, and we’ll make it a reality.

Sandblasted glass can be made with a variety of glass types, including the tempered glass and toughened glass available from Express Toughening. This results in a type of sandblasted glass which is ideal for use in both business and domestic situations. Very difficult to break, easy to etch and design, and safe even if broken, these sturdy, durable sandblast designs can fit into any situation and any aesthetic.

What are the Characteristics of Sandblasted Glass?

Sandblasted glass looks very similar to frosted glass, and has a smooth, opaque surface. With increased surface grip compared to ordinary glass, sandblasted glass is ideal for situations including flooring and use in bathroom fittings, like shower screens and shelving.

Sandblasted glass appears to be opaque, and is a heavily-obscured form of obscure glass, but it doesn’t stop light from passing through it, ensuring good diffusion of light through an area. This is often a sought-after feature in obscure glass used in meeting rooms, shower screens, bathroom windows and other areas where privacy is required but a good supply of light is desired.

The sandblasted glass available from Express Toughening can also be made using tempered glass or toughened safety glass as a base, resulting in a very strong piece of sandblasted glass which is up to five times harder to break than ordinary glass. If it does break, these glass types ensure that it breaks into many small, rounded pieces instead of the long, sharp shards typical of ordinary annealed glass. This makes its use ideal in any situation where safety is paramount, including domestic and business uses.

How is Sandblasted Glass Made?

Sandblasted glass begins its life as an ordinary piece of glass – usually float glass, which is made by floating molten glass out on a bath of molten metal, and solidifying it there for unmatched smoothness and flatness.

This glass is then often tempered, a process which involves raising it to high temperatures and rapidly cooling it with jets of cold air, resulting in the exterior cooling faster than the interior. This creates unequal stress in the glass, as the exterior comes under compression and the interior undergoes tension stresses. As glass is much stronger under compression than it is under other stresses, this pattern of uneven stress means that the compressive forces must be overcome before the glass can be broken. This can make the glass more than 5 times harder to break!

Finally, a sandblaster blasts the glass with fine sand particles, driven by powerful blasts of air. The sand scours the surface of the glass, creating the smooth, opaque appearance characteristic of sandblasted glass.

Where Can I Buy Sandblasted Glass?

You can buy sandblasted glass from Express Toughening by following the links in this blog or calling them on their head office contact number, 020 8500 1188. Express Toughening are the UK’s premier supplier of sandblasted glass, and will be able to provide a bespoke toughened glass solution to suit your needs, whatever they are! Just get in touch and let them know what you need, and the experts at the head office will be able to talk you through ordering a piece of bespoke sandblasted glass to fit your requirements perfectly.

Contact Express Toughening Today!

In you are interested in sandblasted glass, you can get in touch with Express Toughening today using our contact phone number, 020 8500 1188, or filling in and submitting the contact form on their site, which is linked several times in this blog post.

The experts at the Express Toughening Head Office will be able to provide the answers to any questions you may have about sandblasted glass, as well as talking you through your sandblast design choice and fabrication. With decades of experience in the glazing industry, our head office experts will be happy to provide any advice you need, and can process order requests or deliver quotes whenever you need them. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the UK’s industry-leading glazing experts at Express Toughening today!

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