Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Unique Challenges People with Disabilities Face

There are many unique challenges that people with disabilities face. In fact, there are almost always new challenges occurring in their everyday lives. They are faced with different obstacles everywhere that they go. While we have made incredible strides towards making life better and more simple for people with disabilities there are still things that prove challenging for people with disabilities.

Challenges Outlined

There are many tasks an average person accomplishes everyday. Opening the bathroom door, reading a menu at a restaurant, getting items off the top shelf at the grocery. The average person with no disabilities goes about their day hardly ever even considering the the things that we just mentioned. They become second nature to most people. People with disabilities, on the other hand, are constantly plagued with the thought of having to manage these everyday situations.

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Opening the bathroom door

Things about going to the bathroom in a public building. It is likely that you have to open a wood or metal door that leads you into the main bathroom. Once inside of the bathroom you have to open yet another stall door and then turn yourself around to place the lock on the stall door before you sit down on a toilet seat. These are things that seem second nature and that you have probably not often thought about. For someone with a serious physical disability this can be a real challenge. If you are unable to operate your arms that way the average person does how are going to open and shut the bathroom door and stall. People who have a disability have to think about how they are going to use a public restroom.

Reading a Menu

The average American eats out at a restaurant multiple times a week. Have you ever thought how hard it would be to feel yourself if you were unable to read? People who struggle with a cognitive disability have to be conscious about where they choose to eat everyday. If they are unfamiliar with the menu they may not be able to order on their own and instead will put themselves in an embarrassing situation. Reading is something most people are taught when they are 5 or 6 years old. To be an adult and still be struggling to read is not something that is taken lightly by the person with the disability. Cognitive disabilities can hinder everyday life that in most cases is second nature.

Shopping at the Grocery Store

If you have been grocery shopping recently it is likely that you choose something off of the high shelves in the aisles. Someone with a physical disability who uses a wheelchair may not be able to reach things on the top shelves. Think of trying to go to the grocery store and being unable to choose anything that wasn’t on the low shelves or having to ask the people around you to constantly help you. Not being able to act for yourself can be hard and you may quickly shy away from having to ask for help.

There are many daily tasks that can be very difficult for people who face a disability to manage. Unique challenges should be addressed as often as possible in order to help make life easier and more normal for people with disabilities.