Monday 25 March 2019
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Some Tips on Caulking Your Windows Like A Boss

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You can apply caulk to any style or type of window in your house. While many prefer to wait till the wintertime, it is ideal to caulk it in the fall. Warm temperatures are perfect as the caulk is prone to adhere in the warm climate and you will probably open the windows when the project is accomplished. If you are aiming for saving up on the energy costs, you might not want to open your windows in the wintertime.

Types of Caulk

There are many types of caulk available. You can go for latex or silicone caulk. The former is convenient to put on and can be painted on. The latter is much durable and can tolerate extreme climates. Also, keep in mind that caulk needs to be removed frequently and latex caulk is easily detachable.

Removal of Old Caulk

It is similar to cleaning a wall before adding a new layer of paint on it, the surface area is necessary to be cleared off before applying any caulking on it. To do that, you generally have old lines of caulk around your windows. Removal of old caulk is necessary before applying a new layer of caulk. You can do that with the help of a scraper or a utility knife to remove the old caulk and the debris. Then wipe off the surface area clean as you would clean any wall. If you spot a permanent stain on your window as you are busy removing the old caulk, you should consider hiring a window cleaning professional.

Purchase a Caulk Gun

Caulk is nowhere near like toothpaste. It can’t be easily dispensed by squeezing. You will require a caulk gun to seal your window like a boss. Purchase a caulk gun which releases pressure when you let go of the trigger. It will save you a lot of money and clean up when compared to inexpensive guns where the caulk just keeps coming out when not required to.

How to Caulk as Suggested by Fenetres Unisson Groupe Experts

Load the caulk into the caulk gun. At a 45 degree angle, cut off the tip of the caulk. Pull back the trigger and place the caulk inside the chamber, firstly adding the back end. Push the trigger forward. Put a thin layer around the window, the gun held at 45 degree angle. Cover all the areas where air can flow through. The new layer of applied caulk is called a bead. Ensure smoothing the bead with a wet finger while caulking the windows. This is done to keep everything even. Once you are done, cap the nozzle for sure.