Saturday 23 February 2019
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How to Tell If Your Mover is a Rogue or Not

Gone are the good old days when people used to spend their entire lives in just one town or county. Today, we move around whenever our jobs or personal commitments require us to. However, moving from one place to another is never easy. It takes a physical and emotional toll on a person. A good long distance movers nyc can help you with that physical toll.

Nowadays, everybody has a website where they claim how good they are as a moving company. They may also have some solid references to showcase. But despite all this, there are moving nightmares that come to light every now and then. That’s because the customers could not read the signs that indicated that they were working with a rogue mover.

So, what are the tell-tale signs of a rogue moving company?

No License Information

Every single genuine moving company has its own license number and will not hesitate in sharing the same with the customers. However, if your movers say that they cannot share their license details with you, then it probably means that they do not have a license in place or their license has been revoked.

Quotations Over Phone

If a mover is not insisting on making an onsite inspection of your stuff before even giving a quotation, then beware! Such estimates are usually very low and are actually a trap. Once they load your stuff in the truck, they might retract and ask you for a higher price.

Asks for Large Deposit

A moving company that follows best practices for protecting your stuff will not ask for a large deposit amount. They would be confident about their capabilities and would not need financial assurance from the client.

Does Not Provide a Copy of Rights & Responsibilities

The federal regulations require the movers to handover a booklet to the customers when they are planning to make an interstate move. This booklet contains the rights and responsibilities of the customer. If your mover does not give you this then consider something is not right.

Claims About Insurance Coverage

Damage to goods during transit is usually a matter of worry for customers. To address such worries, moving companies often mention the insurance coverage. But there is a catch here. Not all goods are covered under insurance. A rogue moving company would not realize what is covered and what is not and will claim that insurance will cover all the goods.

Lack of Branding

This can be noted when you call their listed telephone number and the call gets answered with a simple “movers” rather than using the company’s name. The second lack of branding can be seen when on the day of moving a rental truck pulls up your street instead of a company branded truck.


So, the next time, you decide to hire a moving company to help you move anywhere keep your eyes open and see if you find any of the above listed signs.