Monday 25 March 2019
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Teak Dining Table as Focal Point in Dining Room

Dining table is the key furniture in dining room. It is a place where everyone gathers and dines together. In order to bring more artistic side, you can try teak dining table. With proper size, dining table is capable to fulfill home decoration properly. Some ideas are explained at below list that might be useful as your consideration.

Best Designs for Teak Dining Table

  1. Standard rectangle and square table

The most common style for teak dining table is standard rectangle for its tabletop. It is capable to keep at least four people in each side. For big event at home, you need bigger table longer than square model. Adding one meter is enough for two additional people in each side. Rectangle and square models become the top choice because they are easy to adjust. You can arrange two similar tables in one room just for more space. All of them have teak as the main material.

  1. Long table

Long table is different from usual rectangle model. It is table that’s common for banquet or outdoor event. Carpenter uses teak material because it’s easy to adjust when you need extended part. At countertop, you can see the plain and flat surface with delicate color. Teak has unique pattern that increases table artistic side.

  1. Round and oval table

Besides rectangle shape, round and oval tables are popular for dining room. Both are the part of designs that commonly made by carpenter or manufacturer as teak dining table. Round table has no corner, which means everyone can sit in the same distance. It is comfortable to hold gathering for up to six people. If the guests are more than six, you need oval table. Oval design has longer side, but still no corner. People can sit around at ease with equal distance. With teak as material, the table becomes more than mere functional.

  1. Multipurpose table

In certain small houses, dining table is not furniture in the middle of the room. On contrary, owner uses the table that’s not completely known as dining table. For example, this table is in kitchen to be used as a kitchen island. Besides dining, you can prepare the food, and this table has additional storage for utensils and food ingredients. The table might be a part of coffee table where you place in living room. It has folding and extended section to increase its height and width.

Regardless the table style, they are a part of teak dining table. Teak is strong wood that lasts longer in proper maintenance. At store, you can find it at single furniture or dining set alongside the chairs.