Saturday 23 February 2019
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Spruce It Up Right: Interior Decor With Metal Prints

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In this visual appreciative age, it is a known fact that first impressions are mostly based on guise. Likewise, our homes too need to appear good. Therefore, when it comes to home décor or the work of professional photographers, the assumptions on superior quality is going to be based on external appearance. Hence, the photo print utilized plays a crucial role in the procedure and using acrylic or metal over the clichéd canvas definitely have an edge. But why one should go for the metal prints?

  • Vibrancy factor

Metal photo prints will showcase your images with more clarity and will provide a more vivacious feel to your home décor. This applies especially if your pictures display contrast; then the option of face-mounted acrylic will look more appealing. One aspect of difference is that metal prints utilize the dye-sublimation process. In this, since the heat is directly infused in the sheet of aluminum, it results in a clearer image.

Aluminum photo prints from Big Acrylic is among the finest examples of wall decor. Not just that, these are also UV light protected so it doesn’t get in the way of the viewer’s vision. A canvas print has the capacity to reproduce only two third of the colors that an acrylic can. This is because light doesn’t transcend through an acrylic print and this what makes them popular.

  • Lastingness

Photographs have the ability to relive memories. Anyone would want their wall hangings to last long. Well, in this case, the metal print is your perfect choice as these last for over 70 years; guaranteed. Moreover, these are water resistant so you can place them in lavatories as well. If your choice of location is humid, then the preferable option would be direct mounted acrylic prints. It is also shatter-resistant. This is an important factor to consider especially when you have kids around. Because carelessness can lead to huge collateral loses.

  • Cost-efficient

Implementations of an acrylic or metal print can be stated as a one-time investment as it lasts for longer durations of time. One doesn’t have to be anxious about its investment costs as they can stand for at least seventy years of placement. Moreover, these don’t require frames so you don’t have to incur costs on that as well.

Thus, if you have been looking for some modern ways to display your pictures, metal prints are exactly what you should invest in.