Saturday 23 February 2019
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Signs of Slab Leak in Your Home

A slab leak is one of the most common plumbing disasters in many homes. A slab leak develops in water pipes under your concrete slab. The water coming out from the leak will force its way up through the slab and enter into your home. This can cause widespread water damage to your home. Slab leaks are problematic as they are very difficult to detect and repair. To protect your home from the slab leak damage, you need to detect the leak and have them repaired as early as possible. You can get the help of professionals who offer reliable slab leak detection in Orange County.

How does Slab Leak Happen?

When the pipe in your foundation gets corroded, slab leak can occur. It can also happen when a pipe gets burst. But often you may not be aware of the slab leak since your home’s piping runs through its foundation. It is built this way as it is one of the effective ways to handle plumbing in your home. Also, it is a cost effective ways of getting water into your home. The slab leak often happens in older homes. The older your home is, the more the pipe has settled in the foundation. So the chance of slab leak is much higher in older homes. If this happens in your home, you need to undergo slab leak detection in Los Angeles as soon as possible with the help of experienced plumbers.

Signs of Slab Leak in Your Home

Water on the Floor

One of the common signs of the water leak is puddles of water on your floor. If you fail to hire a professional for slab leak detection in Riverside, then the leak may increase. Due to the leak, the will be coming up from the surface of the floor. This may occur near the area where the plumbing is located. For example kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms, etc.

The Decrease in Water Pressure

You can identify the slab leak by your water pressure. If the water pressure in your home has decreased, then it is one of the signs of a slab leak. The decrease in water pressure will be due to the slab leak in your main water line. So if you find any leak, you need to contact a professional plumber to deal the issue.

Increase in Water Bills

If your water bill increases and you can’t identify the reason, then you may be dealing with slab leak. The same possible if there is a spike in your heating bill as well. These signs do not indicate that the issue is serious. You can fix this issue by hiring a professional who offers slab leak detection in Orange County.