Saturday 23 February 2019
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How To Secure Planning Permission

When it comes to building a new property or building an extension on your home, getting planning permission is very important. There are lots of rules in place when it comes to planning permission, so it is very important that you do all of the necessary things before starting your project. If you’d like to know more about how to obtain planning permission, then keep reading.

Talk To Your Local Authority

Before you even start to apply for planning permission, you should make sure that you actually need it for the project that you are planning. It is very likely that you will need it and your local authority will be able to inform you of what needs to happen. You’ll need to wait until your application has been approved before going ahead with the project. Don’t just start anyway, assuming that it will come through in a couple of weeks. There are serious consequences for this that could see you having to stop and get rid of anything that you have started.

Get Some Professional Help

If the project that you are planning is quite large, it might be beneficial to seek some professional help when it comes to planning permission. There are lots of companies that will help you with this processes from start to finish. We recommend getting in contact with Gerald Eve Asset Management as they offer some great services. They can provide you with advice on the risk of your property planning and with that offer their knowledge of the property planning market. Getting involved with a company like this can really benefit you in the long run and can ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The Application

There are many things that are considered in the process of granting planning permission. Things like the size of the project, the surrounding landscape and the purpose of the building will all be very important when it comes to the final decision. If your project gets the go-ahead, then you can be confident with getting started on your building!

When They Say No

Sadly, not every application for planning permission gets approved right away. The good news is that there are ways that you can appeal for the decision to be changed if you can make the necessary adjustments to your plans. Unfortunately, this can take a bit longer, but it is worth it if you’d really like to make this project work. There are certain conditions that need to be met when it comes to being able to appeal the decision, so make sure to do your research on these before doing so!


Getting planning permission can be a daunting task, your whole project rides on this decision so it is important to get your application right the first time. If you need help, make sure to try an asset management company who have done it all before. This will really increase your chances of getting your project started right away!