Monday 22 April 2019
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How to repair a roof safely?

Pitched or Slopped roofs need to be maintained every six months as they need to be prepared for following winter conditions. Roof repairing is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it can be quite risky. You may slip on slippery shingles or fall on sharp slopes. If you do not know much about roof repairing and how to do it safely, you should hire roofing Burlington by D’Angelo and Sons. They are one of the best roof service providers in Burlington. However, if you want to repair your roof on your own, you must follow the following safety tips to avoid injuries and falls during the repairing process.

  • Professional roofers recommend that you should not work alone on the roof because unfortunately if you get injured, there should be someone to help you.
  • Before climbing on the ladder, make sure that your ladder is set on a hard surface so it does not slide. If the ladder is on the ground or on grass, a little digs the ladder into the ground so that the ladder doesn’t slide on the grass or dirt.
  • Never work on a wet roof because it can be very slippery
  • Wear safety shoes that are specially designed to grip the associated roofing materials. Moreover, wear eye protection and a hard hat for more safety.
  • Make sure to attach safety harness before climbing the roof as it can prevent you from a nasty fall and injuries.
  • If you work alone on the roof, make sure to clean debris around you as it can be dangerous which make you slip or fall from the roof.
  • Check the weather forecast before starting the repairing work. If rain or a storm is in the forecast you can postpone your project for another day.
  • If there is a power line near your roof, call your service company before beginning the work. Moreover, avoid using metal or fiberglass ladder, as it can be dangerous for you. Always use a wooden ladder in such circumstances. Keep in mind that electricity can shoot or “arc” to any metal object from several feet away. So be careful about that and evade touching hot wires with your hands or tools.
  • If you are using a nail gun to remove the shingles, you must handle it with extreme care as it can easily become a weapon or a dangerous tool for you.