Monday 22 April 2019
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Renovating a House: The Mistakes to Eschew

Renovating a house is an adventure, and you really need to get started. From the little house inherited from your parents, you will make a comfortable and trendy place to live. A successful renovation starts with good preparation and method. We must also avoid some pitfalls that weigh down the bill and waste time. We have listed the classic mistakes of beginners, to absolutely avoid to renovate serenely.

This house, you dreamed. But when you renovate for your first time, the agitation of being wrong is never far away. Did you do well to break this wall? To open at this place? For a Zen home renovation, anticipate. Everything must be thought (financing, amenities, equipment) before even touching the first tool. Be sure to be in the company of good professionals.

Retouch an Old Building without an Architect

Since you don’t need a building permit, you have decided to do without an architect. You underestimate the contribution of the architect. His role is not restricted to the signing of a building permit, far from it, he will help you:

  • Make the initial diagnosis of your home: its weaknesses, the most urgent work,
  • Take a step back and develop a global vision so that the renovation corresponds exactly to your needs and your budget,
  • Prioritize and encrypt the work,
  • Give personality to your project and value the house,
  • Finally, if he coordinates the work, he will do his business delays, errors, forgetfulness, and overcharging which enameled any site since the dawn of time.

The architect’s fees are, clearly, your best investment. You save time, avoid stress and, in reality, you recover by paying your work at the right price. Take the time to choose your architect on technical criteria (the quality of his achievements) as well as human (quality of dialogue, a convergence of views).

Renovate Forgetting the Painting Work

The painting work is one feature you need not forget; it indicates that a building really underwent renovation and this is equitably applicable in a new building. Painting naturally brings out the beauty of a complex both inside out. It only takes experts like the Ajax painters Ecopainting Inc. to know as to what color that suits your complex for its awesome and tremendous looks.

Rehabilitate Without making a Preliminary Energy Balance

Energy is a big expense item in the house. Renovate is the ideal opportunity to put everything back flat. Also, do not rush to replace a boiler, radiators, and an oil tank, make an inventory of your needs and possibilities.  Since the best energy is energy that we do not consume, priority must be given to reducing the energy consumption of the house: insulation, replacement of windows, installation of shutters and closures, adequate ventilation, simple equipment. Then comes the delicate question of the choice of energy. It depends on many criteria related to the house (surface, orientation, location, etc.) and your lifestyle choices. Some solutions all agree because they’re ecological and economical, like solar thermal. With a well-oriented roof, you save up to 70% on billing related to the production of hot water.