Monday 22 April 2019
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The thought of waking up to a cold floor on a winter morning sends a chill down the spine. Whereas, the thought of walking through a warm floor on a winter morning is not only appealing but also luxurious. Radiant floor heating system are mostly installed in the bathroom or kitchen floors. But it is time to consider this type of heating system for your entire house over radiators as it is a great alternative. Heated floor by heavenly heat will give you the feeling of luxury.

Is it the right choice?

Though the underfloor heating system is highly appealing, there is a chance that it might not be well suited for your house due to heat loss. If the insulation of your house is poor then the heat produced to keep your house would be large as there would be a lot of heat loss. It can easily be figured out by conducting a heat loss calculation.

Current Central Heating:

If you plan on replacing your current central heating system with an underfloor heating system it can drastically improve the air quality of the house. As it replaces fixtures like radiators which push the dust particles and allergens from room to room.

For Newer homes or renovations:

The underfloor heating system should be considered if one is building a new home or undergoing renovation. One of its main advantages is that it gives a lot of freedom to decorate the house as they like because it frees up space which was previously occupied by the chunky radiators. It heats up the room evenly with no cold or hot areas. The underfloor heating system has a very low maintenance cost when compared to other heating systems.

Works well with other systems:

When planning to renovate the house and you only want the floor heating system in the bathroom and kitchen, then it is possible. Most people prefer to install it in the rooms which are used by the family as it is more cost efficient and leaving the other heating systems in their originally installed space. The underfloor heating system has a long life would most probably last as long as the floor does.

The underfloor heating system can easily and effectively replace the traditional sources of heating, especially in the new houses. Installing the underfloor heating system in your new home gives you the luxury of consistent and natural temperatures within your home, without going through the pain of renovation. In already existent homes it is a long term investment. If this is the right choice for you, then you can be sure to appreciate it for years to come.