Tuesday 19 June 2018
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Quality over Price for Double Glazing

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When buying all sorts of different things for our home, price is a very important factor.  We don’t want to over pay for products or services and we always want to get an amazing deal. This can be great when it comes to making those necessary home improvements that little more affordable, but it can also be the start for a lot of future problems.

Buying double glazing, or even triple glazing, for your home is a prime example of this.  There are so many double glazing companies out there; all promising the biggest savings with 50%, 60% and sometimes even 70% off their original prices.  If companies are able to offer these huge savings though, how good can their products really be and how overpriced where they to start with?

Double Glazing Sales

When buying double glazed windows for your home it is easy to be impressed with the amazing discounts on offer.  But really, the first thing to do, is to find out if these are just very cheap windows with a huge mark-up, designed to amaze you with the massive savings. If a glazing company has a superior quality product, they will not need to hide behind gimmicky sales and huge price drops.  They will show you the standard price instantly and explain why the windows are at this price point, with examples of the build quality, guarantees and energy efficiency ratings.  These companies may offer you a small discount if they can, but if you are going for quality over price, then expect to pay that little extra without the crazy price drop.

What’s the difference?

People have the impression that all windows are the same and that price point and fitting cost is the only really difference. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The build quality between different windows can be a whole world apart. This can be the difference between having years of low maintenance, hassle free living with your windows and having endless repairs and maintenance needed to keep them in a workable condition.

What are the main things to look for when buying double glazed windows

Build Quality
The first thing to look at is how the window frame is constructed.  If you can see that the window looks flimsy and badly constructed before they have fitted it, imagine how this will perform once it is fitted into your home.  A well-constructed uPVC window frame will look and feel sturdy, have plenty of space for insulation and come with a long guarantee to back up this hardwearing quality. If you are interested, ask your glazing company to see a sample and they will happily show you what one of their frames looks like when sliced in half.  This is a great way to tell if you are being sold a quality frame and if your glazing company don’t want to show you, then instant alarm bells could be ringing here.

Double glazing is fairly standard with all new windows these days, this helps to make your home more energy efficient and can save you money on heating in the long run.  Ensure double glazing is included in your price and even enquire about triple glazing.  This is a newer, improved glazing option and with a little expense can add that little extra energy efficiency to your home. Building in this third pane of glass to form triple glazing really helps keep outside noise away and keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round.

Colour Options
Your windows are one of the main style elements on the outside of your home. They can change the entire look and feel of your property, so it is important to buy windows that look the part.  The choices of different colours is very important, whether you want a class white frame or are looking for a wood effect finish, it is important to see the options available to you.  Ask to see samples of the colour finishes on offer, a cheap finish can cheapen the entire look of your property, so be sure to see samples before you order.

The security of your home and your loved ones is of the upmost importance. Many burglaries and home invasions are made through windows, so ensuring you have modern locking systems in place should be high on your list of prioritise when buying new windows.  Look for a multi-point locking system, which will really secure your home.  This is one of the main aspects that can show off a better quality window, with an expensive 10 point locking system being a really big selling point.

Having great looking and secure windows is important, but so is the inside of your home too.  Having a choice of attractive handles for your windows can be another great selling point.  Be sure to ask if there are options and ensure the handles on offer are easy to use and simple to lock.

These are the main areas that differentiate the cheaper windows from the rest.  Don’t be scared to ask your glazing company questions to ensure you are buying the best quality windows for your home, at the right price.