Monday 22 April 2019
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Pest Prevention Rules

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There are a set of rules which must be followed to avoid the growth of pest at your home. Here are some dos, don’ts and some safety measures while dealing with pests. Detroit Pest Control is an effective source of dealing with such pest control measures.

  1. Restrict all access to food and shelter for the pests.
  2. Use air tight containers for storing foods.
  3. Use trash cans and bins to store food scraps and garbage.
  4. Clean the whole house on a regular basis.
  5. Fix all leaks in the pipelines and restrict the accumulation of water anywhere.
  6. Clean the house plant trays every day. Don’t let the water settle in the tray.
  7. Clean the refrigerator once a week and don’t allow storage of water in the discharge tray.
  8. Cover your pet food and water so that pests don’t feed on them when left out.
  9. Eliminate all the stacks of old magazines, newspaper, and books to restrict the breeding of pests at home.
  10. Seal all the possible hiding spots for pests, such as wall cracks, crevices in cabinets, etc.
  11. Learn about the pests who have the possibility to breed at your home. It also depends on the climatic and geographical conditions of the surroundings.
  12. While shifting or transporting household items, do check the packages for the presence of pests.

Safety measures while dealing with pests and using pesticides.

To deal with pests, we often use pesticides but there are some safety measures which should be undertaken. If you have children and pets around then you have to be extra cautious with what you do.

  1. Do not allow children and pets to roam around the area where pesticides are applied.
  2. Seal the area or room for two hours or more right after applying pesticides.
  3. Do not spray pesticides all across the room but in some targeted areas only. Be aware of not spraying pesticides on food and kitchenware.
  4. Always read the label on the pesticide bottle or pack before using it.
  5. If you hire pest control services such as Detroit Pest Control, do allow them to conduct their survey before applying any pesticide.
  6. Do not use fogging devices if the pest breeding can be contained with other procedures.
  7. Do not use pesticides which are not for use at home. Check the label and for better results consult with pest control service providers.
  8. Note down the name of the pesticide used, the amount required and the EPA registration number of the product. This will help you understand more about the pest control procedure.
  9. Discuss the entire situation with the pest control service provider or operator before any procedure is applied to restrict pests.
  10. Once the procedure is done, do not transfer the leftover pesticides to other containers. It is better to keep it in the original container only.
  11. Keep the pesticides completely sealed and away from the reach of children and pets. Store them somewhere safe.
  12. If you are using mixing solutions, only mix them during the time of usage. Mix required quantity and keep the rest as it is.