Tuesday 17 July 2018
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What options do you have for sliding closet doors?  

If you have limited space, then sliding closet doors are your best choice. However, you can still use them to give your closet a new and refreshed look. They are the best room dividers; creating more space. Moreover, they create privacy and can suit any system. These types of doors do not open into the room they are installed in. Therefore, they eliminate many problems related to door swings. 

Sliding doors are also the most functional closet doors. They provide the biggest opening so that you can reach your clothes with ease. They also do not come out of their tracks more often like the bi-fold doors. There are several style options from which you can choose your favorite. The sliding closet doors are categorized by material, style, and placement. These three elements often overlap in different categories. Here are the most popular ones.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors slide into either side of the wall in which they are installed. They are the best option if you are tight on space. There are tracks installed on the top and the bottom of the stud wall that enable the doors to disappear from the entrance. Pocket doors are available in a variety of materials including metal, wood, and glass or a mix of the three.

Glass sliding closet doors

The glass sliding doors are made of decorative or frosted glass to conceal your belongings. These types of glass also add some style to the room in which they are installed. These doors are either constructed of wood or metal frame and the spaces filled with glass. 

Sliding mirrored closet doors 

Sliding mirrored closet doors are ideal for either small or dark room. They create an illusion of lots of space when installed in a small room and reflect light when installed in a dull room thereby making it brighter. The mirrored sliding doors are very stylish but should be handled with care to avoid breaking the mirror. The need for extra care is because they lack a door frame on the outside from which a latch can be placed.

Sliding wood closet doors 

The wooden sliding doors add some authentic traditional décor to the room. You can choose one of the several wood varieties. You can also go for either hollow or solid wood constructions. Moreover, the door can be stained, painted, or lacquered according to your preference. Some wooden sliding closet doors come with decorative overlays and intricate carvings.

Sliding metal closet doors 

Metal sliding doors are less common than the rest of materials. Many of these doors are made of stainless steel or solid aluminum. They may come in the original metal finish or in a baked-on finish of a color that you prefer. You can choose to have the entire door made of metal or have spaces where decorative glass is installed.