Monday 25 March 2019
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What you should not do if you want a Successful Kitchen Design

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The arrangement of furniture, preferred materials, choice of lighting, we always need some advice when is time to think about the layout of his new kitchen. Discover the mistakes to abet for a practical kitchen because well thought out.

Underestimate the Surface of the Work Plan

On a work plan, it is necessary to be able to both prepare the meal, deposit dirty dishes, and small appliances, it is the place where you will spend time in the scullery, and therefore its choice is not to be overlooked.

How to do?

Plan your kitchen, your needs, and your desires, then take action! The depth of the worktop usually corresponds to the depth of the kitchen furniture. A 65 cm worktop offers more space for your activities but also allows for an empty space behind the box, which will avoid cutting the bottom of it to let the pipes. In addition to the dimensions, you should not forget that the worktop must be strong and facile to clean Just like the precision stone design format.

Don’t Dispense Enough Light

Today in the kitchen, it’s not about cooking. Eat, share, and sometimes even work: the activities in this new living room require a degree of comfort, hence the importance of appropriate lighting.

How to do?

It all depends on the configuration of your kitchen. Open kitchen, you can bet on several suspensions carefully aligned above the work plan. Closed kitchen, a central suspension will be perfect. In both cases, the key will be to brighten the key areas of the room where are concentrated the main activities (sink, cooking, and storage) with spotlights installed on the ceiling or under cupboards, LED strips attached to furniture.

Forget the Credence of the Work Plan

If you don’t wish your wall to show splashes of water and grease, you must think of a credenza. His presence will protect the wall and refine the look of your kitchen.

How to do?

If the credence takes up very little space (count on average 8 mm thick), it is just as aesthetically important as the work plan, to which it must obviously agree. In laminate, stainless steel, acrylic or glass, you will be impaired for choice coating level. You can even make it even more practical by choosing magnetic credence or by adding small storage for utensils and condiments.

Opt for Soil that gets Dirty Easily

As for the floor in the kitchen, no question of doing anything, no matter how! This room is subject to your constant whereabouts, splashing water and grease. If you don’t wish every four mornings to be cleaning it must choose its soil.

How to do?

You can bet on the unconditional tiled floors or porcelain stoneware, both easy to maintain. Other options: cement tile or, PVC for such use. In the case of a small open kitchen, be sure to choose a floor different from the rest of the room, it will visually distinguish the kitchen area of the set. Ditto for a kitchenette in a studio, if the carpet dominates on the ground, think of a vinyl carpet to protect this one side cooking.