Saturday 23 February 2019
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Minimal Lighting

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There are a lot people who believe that elegance can go along with simplicity in a great way and they love to adjust it in their own space. Here are some great ideas if you like a house in terms of minimal decoration and lighting too.

  1. Frame lighting

For the frame you can use a large photo frame or buy wooden slats and stick them with wood. You open a hole on the top part and then pass the wire through the hole. Alternatively, you can use a more special dart that you can find in electrical stores. Do not forget to get a nice lamp. Extra tip: Watch the frame or whatever you are going to use not to be to heavy..

  1. Copper lamp

Placing a copper pendant lamp in your space is the ultimate proof of your love to the minimal lighting design. You can place it in a beautiful corner you are going to transform it as your reading area or you can place it next to your living room window and make the whole living room look more sophisticated.

  1. Lighting with handicraft wood

You can also create this great minimal lighting just by using an optional copper tube to pass the wire of the latch and then add metal round wood panels.  If you want to paint them, you can carefully put a hole in the middle and adjust them to the bronze tube or a colored downy. This kind of lighting is one of the greatest ideas that will make you feel honored for creating by yourself and it is also a beautiful and creative choice that will make your guests truly admire it.

  1. Desktop lighting cube

It can be a table one, but it’s definitely minimal, one way or another. If you have a ready-made wooden cube, you just pass the mechanism that you can find in electrical items. Otherwise, you can get wooden pieces and create a cube. If you want to create it in an easier way, you can use panels that are suitable for shelves.

  1. Wall lamp

A wall lamp can be simpler, but equally beautiful. A simple rack is totally transformed with two holes only. And if you do not have a drill, do not hurt yourself. Roll the cable around the wood and your magnificent wall lamp is absolutely ready.

  1. Lamp with decorative beads

This is the absolutely minimal lighting item and it does not need further explanation. You get a cable and then you pass the beads you like. They can be either are colored or wooden. The finished metal accessory can be obtained at shops with lighting fixtures.

  1. Wall light bulb

The most suitable one is the light balloon on the wall. You can also take this idea and go one step further than that. You can also create a wooden handmade panel with holes and add all the lights in there. You can use any shape of lamps you like and then place this wooden panel on the wall. Be sure that everyone is going to ask you where you got this great lighting from.

  1. Light with straws

You can also be extra creative and use straws in order to create a perfect lighting. Just place the lamp in the middle and then add all the straws around it. You can leave the straws as they are or you can also paint them in the color you wish. Do not forget to put a safety feature between the lamp and the straws in order not to cause any unpleasant accident.

Whatever you are going to choose, please remember that you do not have to follow the trends. You just need to be creative and follow your instinct.