Saturday 23 February 2019
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Install Roller Blinds to Minimise Heating and Cooling Costs

Any amount of money that you spend on making your home energy-efficient is considered to be a wise investment. By 2020, energy bills are predicted to become the second largest household expense after mortgage payments for the majority of families. Moreover, a home with energy saving benefits outshines other rentals listed for sale.

The ultimate solution to make your home energy efficient is to buy roller blinds online. These blinds play a significant role in keeping heat in your home during the winter months and out during the summertime. Roller blinds form a protective barrier to cut down on heat transfer through the glass panes of your windows during the cold winter months. They also reject heat from the sun during summer months. So, you shouldn’t regret considering roller blinds for your next home improvement project.

Here, we have listed a few reasons to buy blinds online to make your home more energy efficient.

Affordable Option

Unlike other insulation, cost less to buy and install while providing maintenance-free operation for longer. It also provides you an excellent return on investment compared to other window treatments.

High Efficiency

When buying roller blinds online, it can be custom ordered to fit any size or shape of window. Unlike curtains and other vertical blinds, roller blinds efficiently cover the entire window area. To make it more efficient, you can fit a magnetic strip to the lower portion of your window frame to give the blinds a good seal. This action ensures that the blinds keep more heat in your home during the winter.

Dual-Surface Reflectivity

Most of the energy-saving roller blinds have a reflective coating on both the front and back. During the summer, when lowered the roller blinds will reflect the heat outside and reflect indoor heat back into the room during icy cold months. Some energy-efficient roller blinds are designed to reflect up to 78 precent of heat away from the room.


Energy-efficient roller blinds are highly durable and are incredibly tough and scratch resistant. But, in case of vertical blinds, they jam often and need to be fixed regularly to ensure optimal working.

More Varieties

Roller blinds online come in a broad range of colours and patterns to choose from and matches any home décor. Most home owners opt for roller blinds because it can be rolled up discretely and can be used along with to boost their home’s energy-efficiency.

Final Recap

Roller blinds act as a natural thermostat. With this natural thermostat sitting right in your window sill, you don’t have to rely on the air conditioning to moderate the temperature. These blinds are well-known to make the indoor environment comfortable by blocking out the sun and keeping rooms cooler in winter.