Friday 19 October 2018
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Energy Angels – Void Energy Management – Housing Association Guide

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As a landlord or property owner, you may be well versed in managing your finances and handling transactions when it comes to rent, fees, insurance and any other incomings and outgoings. However, there is one matter that can affect your finances particularly negatively if you do not take action to manage it. What would you do if any of your properties were to stand vacant for a period of time?

Handling energy bills for an empty property demands attention that busy business owners very rarely have the time for, and so costs are often allowed to rack up, creating further headaches. In fact, simply searching around for the best available deal from energy providers is a time consuming affair that serves to distract from the bigger picture. Luckily, there is the possibility of opting for void energy management.

What is it?

From the first day that your property is to stand empty – the start of the “void period” – your selected void energy managers are able to notify energy suppliers and ensure that energy supplies are restored immediately. They will also deal with council tax and water suppliers if required, making your job even simpler. Finally, they will work to find the cheapest possible energy supplier for the next tenants.

How will it benefit me?

First and foremost, void energy management will save you money. If one of your properties is standing vacant and has become a financial black hole, requiring bill payments without benefitting you monetarily in any way, then action must be taken to reduce the expenses it incurs. This is where void energy management comes in. Taking this kind of action will also save you time, which will give you the opportunity to apply your efforts to more lucrative or enjoyable ends. Your void energy managers will do the legwork – and the paperwork – for you. Finally, in searching for the cheapest available provider in order to benefit future clients, your void energy managers will guarantee their satisfaction from the off, ensuring at the same time that there is a far lower risk of them missing rent payments, considering that they are saving elsewhere.

How much will it cost me?

Void energy management services often come free of charge, meaning your eventual savings will come at no immediate extra cost to you. Energy Angels offers it as part of a bigger package designed to make property management easier for you in every way.

Energy Angels offer void energy management complete with the resolution of meter faults that may cost you money, the installation of smart meters to more successfully measure energy usage, and the possibility of tracking the progress of your energy management in real time using the company’s secure online portal. If you’re interested in using Energy Angels’ void energy management system, simply get in touch with their team today on 01902 585500 or email them via for further information and advice. Their experts will discuss your requirements and offer the best approach to meet your property’s needs. Their opening hours are 9 am up until 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday.