Monday 25 March 2019
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Easy and Breezy: 5 Ways on How to Decorate A Patio Like A Pro

  Temperate weather, glowing sun, and fresh air breeze make us want to stay outside home. Perhaps, you want to go to the seaside but it’s very far away, and you only have limited time. So you remain at home until time runs out. What a nonchalant weekend!

According to the study of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average individual invest 93% of their times indoor, and only 7% left are for outdoors. Robin Mejia also stated that “In a meta-analysis of 10 studies, they found that getting outside—and moving—for as little as five minutes at a time improved both mood and self-esteem.”

Staying outdoor uplifts mood and a better outlook on life. So, you should spend time outside your home, not too far but only a few away from the door. With right and achievable decorating ideas, you can transform a patio into an oasis wherein you can breathe a new life.

It’s time to move on from Spring equinox and come out and join the sun. Welcome the Summer solstice with great a cozy and breezy patio. Here are some easy designer tips and start to transform the space with glitz like a pro.

Simple Sunny Spot

Decorating a patio can be expensive but doesn’t need to be. Improve an old furniture from the basement or find some in the local thrift shop. With a bright color palette and fabric, upgrade an old piece into a cozy hub for coffee and conversation.

Put additional greenery like hydrangea and drought-tolerant succulents. Just an old bench and flowers in bloom and that’s it. You should use indoor accessories to elevate the look of outdoor furnishings. Bring pillows and sheets that suit to the ambiance.

Garden Estate

If you like to stay close to flowers, you can create a garden estate with a 2-table seating for a relaxing afternoon tea. Ideally, plant flowers milfoil, orange daylily, blue spire, red valerian, and Artemisia. No need to tax yourself from watering them, because you can just leave for days!

Screened Side-Porch

Create a cozy screened side-porch through outdoor friendly furniture. Arrange the crafts that give a sense of airy and spacious feeling. Playful-colored sofa or couch, versatile rug, and panel fabric will bring the feels as if you’re farm staying. Add privacy and space by putting flowy curtains

Huddle Zone

Make your patio a place for gathering. Enjoy the night with friends outside. Simple wooden tables and chairs and eye-oxidizing drapes will create a lovely dining area. Use beautiful faux touches for an old wood table and chairs if you like to reuse it.

Example, paint it and make it look like a lightweight metal. A classic shade of paint can also solve your problem with a dated brick. Make it bold and fresh.

Get Rustic

One way of getting close to nature is to surround your space with elements that come from nature. Create an inviting look out of a whimsical gesture of wood crafts and furniture.  Create dynamics with sturdy chain and hooks and make a swing out of your bench.

Give life to leftover pieces of wood and enhance an antique illusion. A set of rustic chairs and tables with a flower centerpiece and creative light fixtures will light up the whole mood.

Take note

Find the perfect time when you start to paint. Sunny weather will aid the drying process of furniture which gives a sturdy and waterproof finish. Apply two coats, a base, and finish, to furnish the spot that you missed. Avoid using waxes and lacquers for outdoor furniture.


Creating the place for comfort doesn’t stop from the inside spaces. Re-think how your area should look. Time to create a spotlight for a reinvigorating day. An extension of your interior outside will help you take advantage of warm weather and enjoy the cerulean sky.

The ideas are here to guide and help you attain outdoor life exuberance. Take inspiration and find what fits best to your taste and feels. Kick back and relax under the sun and have a great outlook on life with your cozy patio.

Author Bio

Rachel Minahan is a budding freelance writer and an enthusiast when it comes to furniture and home styling. She likes spending time outdoors to read classic novels like The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird.