Saturday 23 February 2019
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A Complete Guide on Retractable Pergola

Are you a homeowner with a beautiful yard? Are you an architect, planning and designing a gorgeous new building with the natural environment? Are you’re a restaurant owner, looking to extent your outdoor space?  Then retractable roof for Pergola is your choice! Installing retractable pergola willextent your outdoor space, add beauty to your building and helps to feel the power of the nature. Here in this blog, let me explain more about retractable pergola.

What exactly is Retractable Pergola?

Retractable pergola is a roof that allows you to turn your outdoors into a cool space to unwind! It blocks the heat and cold air, which passes your house. This retractable pergola comes in a variety of unique designs, which makes your outdoor stylish and sophisticated. It is built with posts and slats to maximize the view and their enjoyment of it.

Fabric & Aluminum Louvers of Retractable pergola

Retractable pergola is constructed by solution dyed acrylic fabrics, and so it gives 10 years warranty against mildew & rotting, fading. Therefore, the pergola will long last more than 15 years.

The fabric & aluminum louvers in retractable pergola can be rolled up when not in use.

Frames of Retractable pergola

The stainless steel frames of retractable pergola are coated by non-rusting 6063 aluminum and so its frames have rust/corrosion resistance that lasts more than 25years.

Retractable Pergola can partially open / close

Retractable Pergola can partially open, close and adjust it where and at which point we want it to stop.


  • Some variants of retractable pergolas have adequate weather resistance capacity. Especially it gives full protection from heavy rain, wind, hurricane, hail and snow.
  • Also you can fold the retractable pergolas, in case of any bad weather conditions, that can help avoid damage.
  • Retractable pergolasfabrics keep the heat and UV rays away from you and your house.
  • Not only pergolas save your house from the sun, but also from other harsh weather conditions such as rainstorms.

Bottom Line

Research says that retractable pergola has beenused since ancient times due to the benefits behind it. This not only enhances the value of your properties, but also the quality of your life.

Is enhancing your outdoor space your mission now? Install retractable pergolas! It comes with boundlesscustomization options and with lots of other benefits. But it’s important to do more research in choosing the right company to purchase and install your retractable pergola roof for your house, restaurant or any building.