Monday 22 April 2019
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Common Garage Door Repairs

We use our garage door many times a day, but do we maintain it properly? A garage door should be checked monthly to have a long working. This will protect you, your family and property. It is a fact that more than 13000 garages related injury occurs every year.

Waiting until an injury occurs is not good; instead hiring a licensed garage door repair in Boise can save your money and time in the long run.

Note for These Signs in Your Garage Door

Noisy door

Generally, garage doors are noisy, but if you start hearing a scraping or squeaking noise, then you have to call for a Boise garage door repair.

Clear tracks

Make sure that the path of the door through which it slides is free from clutters. If the path needs any adjustment, then you have to get the help from a professional.

Non-responsive door

If your garage door refused to open or close accordingly to your control then it’s time to repair the garage door, a few reasons for this problem are

  • Poor connection between the remote and the door
  • Need for battery replacement
  • Door malfunctioning

If the problem continues, then there may be issues in springs, cables or sensors. Call a garage door repair in Boise for proper service.

Issues in springs

To check if there is a problem in the tension springs, you first take away the opener from the garage door and leave the door about midway by hand and leave it, if the door rises or falls there is an issue in the garage door tension springs. Don’t try to repair it on your own, instead get the help from a professional.

Tighten the hardware

The garage door is used so many times a day and the parts holding it may relay based on the usage, lot of vibration occur during opening and closing of the door due to which the bolts get loose, this should regularly be tightened for proper working.

Agitating Movement

Your garage door should run all the time smoothly, instead of the door is shaking, then there might be some breakage in the garage door, it is better to repair it as soon as possible.

Lubrication of parts

Lubricating the parts will help in smooth movement of the door. It will also add up years of proper operation of the door system. Consult your door specialist to suggest a spray lubricant which will be easy for applying.

Slow response time

On pressing the opener within one or two seconds, the garage door should respond, else note down the time taken to respond and the door should open without delay and shake else hire a professional for repair.

Monthly inspection and maintenance measures on your garage door are necessary; it will save your money and will be a safety precaution measure. Never try to repair the garage door of your own it could lead to dangerous issues.

If you need to install a new garage door, then you can feel free to call the garage door installation in Boise.