Saturday 23 February 2019
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Choosing the Right Glass Balustrade Fittings for You

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You may not know exactly what a glass balustrade is, but they are a fairly common architectural feature. Look around in your daily life and, we guarantee, you will see them more often than you’d expect. By definition, a balustrade is simply a row of columns (or balusters) that are held together by a railing and they are typically found lining staircases, balconies, terraces, and bridges. Their main function is to maintain health and safety, reducing the possibility of a person falling; however, they’re also a great way to create privacy and they are often chosen for decorative purposes – allowing natural light into a room and adding to the aesthetics of an architectural structure.

Whether you’re the manager of a public space or just a home DIY-addict, glass balustrades are now a very affordable and achievable option. Specialist companies, such as The Glass Warehouse by Express Toughening, have made it easy to source appropriate toughened glass and they offer a wide range of balustrade fittings that will ensure your new structure is fully safe and secure.

The Importance of Glass Balustrade Fittings

When fitting your own glass balustrade, it is incredibly important to select the correct glass clamp fittings for the job. By their very nature, glass balustrades are located in the most dangerous areas and their main purpose is to keep people safe. It is therefore vital that only the strongest and safest glass clamp fittings are used, thus ensuring the structure is as sturdy and secure as possible.

All glass balustrade fittings supplied by Express Toughening are designed with maximum strength, durability, and safety in mind. They are capable of dealing with everyday wear and tear and, if necessary, they can withstand heavy loads and pressures. Here we take a look at each type of glass clamp fitting that is currently available, noting it’s main properties and its most suitable applications.

Polished Square Shaped and D-Shaped Glass Clamps

Constructed from Grade 304 Polished Stainless Steel, these square and d-shaped glass clamps are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Throughout the manufacturing process they are subject to extensive fine brushing and buffing and, as a result, they have a highly reflective and shiny finish. This type of glass clamp fitting can add aesthetic appeal to a glass balustrade and, thanks to their smooth surface, they are incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean.

Polished Glass Clamp Fittings can be used in conjunction with both curved and flat posts and, as they are compatible with 8mm and 10mm toughened glass panes, they are a fantastic option for both domestic and commercial applications. Whether you’re creating a trendy glass balustrade partition for the home or you need a frameless glass barrier for your new restaurant or bar, this could be the perfect glass clamp fitting for you.

Brushed Satin Square Shaped and D-Shaped Glass Clamps

Although crafted from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, these square and d-shaped glass clamp fittings have a very popular brushed satin finish. This is achieved by sanding and buffing the stainless steel in one direction. Generally speaking, this type of glass balustrade fitting is suited to architectural projects where appearance is the most important factor. They have a less shiny yet more luxurious look and, compared to polished varieties, day-to-day wear and tear is not quite as visible.

The brushed satin balustrade fittings, currently available at Express Toughening, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; however, they are not recommended for coastal and marine environments, where the air is saturated with salt particles and the risk of corrosion is high.  Once again, they are compatible with both 8mm and 10mm toughened glass panes and they come complete with black rubber washers, clamp fixings, and optional security pins.

Offset Glass Balustrade Fittings

This type of glass clamp fitting is the perfect option for structural or frameless glass balustrade applications. Thanks to their circular stainless steel design, they add strength and structural integrity to the balustrade, yet no visible fittings can be seen on the outside cap – making them a popular choice when the final look of the balustrade is of paramount importance. Constructed from Grade 316 Machines Stainless Steel, these offset glass clamp fittings can be used inside and outside, and they are compatible with particularly thick panes of toughened glass (i.e. 12-15mm).

Contact Express Toughening for Glass Balustrade Fittings

When it comes to glass balustrade fittings, if you would like any further information or advice, Express Toughening should be your first port of call. As one of the UK’s leading providers of toughened glass and glass fittings, they demonstrate significant experience and exceptional knowledge in this area. It doesn’t matter if you’re a home-owner looking to improve your property or a construction worker kitting out a public space, our dedicated team of staff are always happy to help, and they can offer tailored advice on the best type of fitting for your balustrade.

So why not check out their full collection of glass balustrade fittings today? Further details on each product can be found on their website; however, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to get in touch. Give them a call on 020 8500 1188 or send a quick message to From their brushed glass clamp fittings to polished d-shaped glass clamps, we guarantee, they will have the perfect glass balustrade fitting for you.