Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Choosing a Garden Patio Design – Things You Need to Consider

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When planning a garden patio, there are a good few things to consider. Every patio will have unique characteristics – features that are related to the existing site layout.

When planning the layout of the patio, all site information needs to be taken into account, as also any personal ideas on how space will finally be used. You will need to decide on the fixed amenities you wish to install as you will not be able to change the arrangement at a later stage. You will have to ensure that whatever design you select takes into account the official required connections. Patio designs need to be in sync with any surrounding yard structures such as a garage, etc.

Patio furniture

The choice of patio furniture currently available on the market is wide. Whereas in the past one would need to select furniture that would fit into the patio area, you can now choose the furniture you like and design the patio around the same. With outdoor family dining becoming a traditional routine, it is possible to go in for dining sets with the regular 6-seater arrangement. You should also keep in mind the need for group conversation and plan the seating accordingly. Chaise lounges are a favorite furniture item as they provide relaxation in the shade or sun. They can also be moved around to enjoy the shade when seasons change.

Grill and Fire facilities

You can look at both built-in as well as portable grill units. The latter are more desirable as they can be moved around to provide heat or coolness depending on the season. If you are thinking regarding a fire spit as a space saving option, the same can be located close to the patio but protected from winds.

Climate conditions

When building the patio, you need to keep in mind the weather changes. Protection from strong winds, sweltering heat, etc. should be taken into account – and if required a wind barrier or shade structure should be constructed.

Patio shapes

The exciting thing about building a patio is that you do not have to conform to a box-like shape.  You can choose to have a rectangle, circle, square or even free-form design.  When deciding the shape of your patio, you should keep in mind what you plan to use it for – such as the size and shape of your property; the general style of your property and home, etc.

The success of a great patio depends on how much you and your guests get to enjoy using the same. A great view and pleasure derived from dining or just sitting in the patio daytime or evening are what you should aim for.  If there is need to improve the look further, you could plan to install a fountain or flowering tree. Screens, hedges or fences could block off areas that are ugly. Designing a patio can prove an exciting project as it allows for a good bit of freedom. If these are too much for you, you can hire a landscaping company to come and help you out. They can assist you from the start, from planning till the final decoration.