Saturday 23 February 2019
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Who to Call, a Plumber or a Handyman?

When the pipe under your kitchen sink suddenly gets damaged that the leak becomes disgusting, who are you going to contact for help? When the paint in your bathroom tears off little by little that you see crumbs of it every morning before you take a shower, who can help you? When it comes to issues concerning our kitchen and bathroom, we seem to get confused who to turn to for help, a plumber or a handyman?

If you have the same question because you’ll need help with your home sooner or later, then you’ve come to the right place. We are here to tackle the respective turfs of a plumber and handyman. This way, you will know for sure who to contact if something goes wrong inside your home fixtures. We’ll help you understand the difference of these pros’ scope of work.

Plumbers are concerned with water supply

One thing we have to know about plumbers is that they are not concerned mainly about which part of the house you have problems with – ceiling, walls, kitchen, bathroom, wherever. What they are really knowledgeable about is every single thing about your water supply.

Their scope of work includes your plumbing pipes, your toilet, sink, tub, and bathroom floor trap, among others because they are all connected to the water supply flowing all around your house – under your floor, behind the walls, and down to the sewers. They are the ones to call on if your problem is the paint that goes off from your bathroom walls because that has nothing to do with water supply.

Handymen are all-around helpers

Handyman services are multifaceted and handymen may be called jack of all trades. They can help you in installing exhaust fans inside your bathroom, light fixtures in your bedroom, and even TV brackets. They are also reliable when you need drywall repairs.

Handymen pretty much are your go-to guys when you need immediate help with something slightly damaged inside your house. He can rescue you when your gutter needs cleaning or your window needs repairs. These are all tasks that handymen, in the course of time and through their experience, were able to learn and master. They are skilled home soldiers who specialize in solving common problems inside your house.

However, they cannot really help you with major problems like a water backflow or a clogged sink that cannot be solved by home screwing and unscrewing exposed pipes. They have no specialties or focused area of expertise. They are just more learned than you when it comes to solving common minor property damages.

Plumbing is more complicated

Needless to say, the work of plumbers is more complicated and requires more than just familiarity and years of experience. Plumbers need to be certified to be more credible, which means they need to work their brains out in studying aside from just working with their hands. Plumbing jobs require knowing some codes on construction, repairs, and home structures, among others.

Plumbers can be licensed

Lastly, to expound on the previous point, plumbers are required to be certified to perform major plumbing works. There are aspects of some plumbing works that must be done in accordance with the rules and laws set out by the authorities. You can also ask them for consultations on how to control the flow of water inside your bathroom because they studied these things. They can tell you about the advantages of having a shower screen or of installing a different kind of floor trap tool.

Otherwise, they may be subject to penalties and sanctions. In fact, certifications and licenses are some of the factors that affect plumbing services. Licensed plumbers are more credible. This can be their edge when big companies and developers are looking for contractors to build water supply systems.

So next time you need help with something inside your house, you know who to call.