Saturday 23 February 2019
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Blankets and Throws Differ in Purpose but Add Style

According to interior decorators, the best and economical way to refresh home space is by changing the accessories. Looks of the living room can be transformed from summer to winter by adding warmth and snugly accents like blankets and throws. These two kinds of bedding confuse everyone.


Couch throws and blankets add colour and style, but can be used for different purposes. Blanket is a large cloth piece, which is available in different textures, colour and patterns. They offer warmth and comforting weight. You can come across variety of materials like cotton, rayon, wool, and blends. Sub categories of blankets are comforters, quilts, and duvets.

Blankets are used normally for warmth and not used for decoration. Blankets add extra insulating layer, but throws simply cannot because of their size. On the bed, throws can be folded and used to warm cold feet.


Throws are smaller and perfect to be layered on the blanket tops. You can use throws even outside the home that is in cold offices or on airplanes. Blankets stay in bedroom but throws can be used in the living rooms. They are draped over the chair arms and couches or attractively folded in a basket. Smaller size makes them easy to grab and cosy up, while reading or snoozing on the couch.

Throws are designed from many kinds of materials. Popular fabric in throw is fleece and decorative tapestry style. Tapestry styled throw is light in weight, so used for its looks. Fleece styled can be employed as small cover for keeping your legs or feet warm, while watching TV or working on your computer.

Designers have transformed the fleece styled throws into an outfit by introducing arms. Throws provide extensive options in terms of designs and colours.

Wild coloured throws with fringe or furry can make awesome gifts for loved ones. Pets too love to snuggle in plush throws.