Friday 19 October 2018
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What Are the Advantages of Buying Art Online?

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Only a few decades ago, making a purchase over the internet -especially for a big-ticket item like a piece of artwork- was something no-one would consider.

Back then, online shopping was still viewed with some suspicion and distrust, and the brick-and-mortar auction house reigned supreme, but with the rise of internet banking, PayPal, and the modern online-focused society, a new kind of shopping has emerged to take a bite out of the high street.

Shopping online – especially for art – has a number of advantages over conventional shopping that make it an attractive prospect for many prospective customers. These advantages include:


Convenience is the single biggest draw of online shopping. Life has never been more hectic, especially for the busy art shopper, and with so much going on, it’s a nightmare trying to find time to go to a gallery, browse the art and make a purchase. This is made even more difficult by work commitments and social engagements that keep you away from the gallery during its opening hours, but the ability to buy art online means that even the busiest art lover can find a few minutes to browse the gallery and make a purchase!

When you buy art online, all of the hassle is completely removed from the equation. You can simply view the website whenever it suits you – whether that be on your coffee break, in the evening or in the middle of the night – and choose from the full range of available art. Once you have decided which piece you want, you simply check out as you would on Amazon or other online retailers, and choose a delivery option which suits you. With that done, you can sit back and relax – your artwork is on its way and will arrive shortly!


At the inception of internet shopping, it was generally considered an unsafe method of making transactions, but modern technology and investment in online retail means that today’s web-based shopping is as safe as shopping in a physical store. From groceries and streaming services to artworks and vehicles, anything can be bought and sold online with confidence!

The “Surprise” Effect

One interesting study performed recently showed that many online customers especially love the “surprise effect” when shopping – ordering an item only to be pleasantly surprised by how good it looks in real life. While contemporary art galleries are able to present their artworks online with greater accuracy now than ever before, there is still no way to convey the beauty of a piece of artwork seen in person, hanging on your wall or displayed proudly. When you buy art online from Walton Fine Arts, this effect is sure to make your purchases look even better than you thought they would!

The reasons why you might want to buy art online are clear – with unbeatable convenience, access at any time, delivery, high security and an unparalleled range of artworks to choose from, why would you go the gallery yourself? Just visit the Walton Fine Arts online shop to make the most of these advantages today!