Saturday 15 December 2018
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7 Tips to Extend the Lifetime of Your Garage Doors

The garage door is the largest moving door in your entire home that is used many times a day. If you don’t maintain it regularly, the garage door may fail to function. For this reason, you need to spend some time on your garage door and keep it in good condition. Even though your garage door becomes old, with regular attention and maintenance, it can work smoothly for many years. Here are few tips for homeowners to maintain the garage doors to extend their lifetime.

Watch your Garage Door

The most important thing in maintaining your garage door is to observe your garage door during every use. You need to check whether your garage door is moving smoothly or jerking in any place and whether it makes any noise while opening or closing it. Also, you need to check whether both sides of the doors look symmetrical. If you find any issues related to these, then you need to take proper maintenance at the initial stage to avoid big issues.

Tighten the Hardware

Your garage doors move up and down for more than 1000 time every year, and this makes the hardware to loosen. So your garage doors need regular examination and tighten all bolts and roller brackets using a socket wrench.

Test Your Garage Door’s Balance

If your garage door loses its balance, then it can’t work correctly. This imbalance can lead to a big issue that your garage door may break due to the pressure put on the garage door opener. To check the balance of your garage door, you need to open the garage door halfway up, and if it does not stay there, then it’s time to call a professional for garage door repair in Boise.

Inspect and Replace

The rollers of your garage doors need to be inspected twice every year and have to be replaced if found any worn or crack on the rollers. It is suggested to replace the garage door rollers every seven years or even more if you use your garage door many times.


You need to lubricate your garage door parts so that you can enjoy years of seamless operation and it takes just 10 to 15 minutes a year. On the opener’s screw or chain, you need to apply white lithium grease, and on the springs of garage doors, you need to apply a spray lubricant.

Clear the Debris from the Track

The garage door track may get accumulated with various kinds of debris and other materials. So you need to spend little time to clear out the debris from the track.

Keep it Clean

If your garage door is made of steel, then you need to check whether any rust spots or other issues exist on it. Also, while cleaning your car, spend a little time to clean your garage doors in Boise since it is one of the glamorous parts of your home.