Monday 25 March 2019
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6 Mistakes to Avoid when Pressure Washing your Home Exteriors

The best time to clean your home’s exterior is when the weather is warm. When it is time, using a power washer to clean this portion of your house will ensure the job is well done. However, some people make mistakes when using a power washer. These mistakes include the following:

Failing to Maintain Pressure Consistency

When using your pressure washer, ensure the nozzle is kept perpendicular while cleaning the surface. Also, ensure to maintain a steady motion to prevent the creation of stripe marks. Always follow the instructions cited in the user’s manual in terms of safety.

Removing the Soap Too Early

When using a detergent with your pressure washer for cleaning difficult-to-remove stains, allow the soap to soak in for at least three minutes before rinsing it. It is important to allow the detergent to attach to the stains so it can eliminate it properly before rinsing.

Not Using Proper Power Washing Techniques

When it comes to power washing, it is important to mask stops and starts of the sweeps. This can be done by overlapping the previous sweeps with the start of the new one.

Rushing Things Up

Don’t do the general job of pressure washing your exterior to protect your windows and other exterior parts from damage. Lavage de vitres Aquashine and exterior cleaning require ample time to do the job properly. Also, after pressuring a wooden surface such as a fence, railing, or deck, let it dry a couple of days and seal it using a special sealer preservative or paint. This helps in giving the surface a new look.

Ignoring the Importance of Using the Right Accessories

For a quick exterior cleaning, make use of a turbo nozzle or a rotating surface cleaner. These accessories are quite effective and worth your extra money.

Failing to Use a Fuel Stabilizer

As you start power equipment for exterior cleaning use, stale gas is a common issue. You will want to avoid this problem by using a fuel stabilizer inside the gas tank.  Ensure the stabilizer is placed right after filling up the gas tank.

If you want to improve the look of your home’s exterior and have a great outdoors perfect for barbecues and picnics, power washing helps you achieve this. Just make sure you do the job right. Just remember these mistakes and refer to them when doing the job. But, the best thing that you should do is to leave the power washing job the professionals.