Monday 25 March 2019
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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

The summer season is on the horizon, and the heat waves from the scorching sun will take over. You’ll agree there a far few worse situations than the air conditioner failing in the middle of the unforgiving stifling summer heat waves.

To use the air conditioner to its optimum, regular maintenance is required. Here are six tips for maintaining your air conditioner;

Clean the Air Filters Monthly

Failure to clean or replace an air-filter is the precursor for weak and ineffective airflow. Open the air conditioner per the manufacturers’ instruction to access the air filter. Dust the air filter off, and then use some lukewarm soapy water to rinse it. Leave it to dry before reinstalling the air filter back to the unit.

If you note any tears, holes or damages on the air filter, replace it right away. And if you have pets or suffer allergies, be sure to clean the air filter more frequently, rather than once a month.

Inspect the Thermostat

Look at the thermostat to make sure it’s in proper shape for proper temperature regulation. If you’re still using the old mechanical thermostat, consider investing in a programmable unit.

Check the Wiring and Components

You should turn off the power to the air conditioner system before you can start working on the unit. Remove the access panel and look for signs of melted wire insulations and charred/blackened wires. Confirm the electrical connections are tight and use an electrical test meter to check the capacitors.

If you note any issues with the electrical connections, then it’s essential to contact a professional. Air Rescue Air Conditioning has been performing Tampa air conditioning repair & installation since 1946. So, if you’re not handy in electrical work, our technicians are here to help with any repairs.

Check the Cooling Coils for Frost or Ice Build-Up

The air conditioner coils regulate the movement of the hot and cool air. Inspect the coils at least once per season to confirm there’s no clogging dust or dirt. The build-up of dust causes your AC to work harder than usual to remove the heat, which results in increased energy bills.

Remove the air conditioner cabinet entirely to access the coils. To clean the coils, either blow compressed air or use a soft bristle brush and a household cleaner in a spray bottle to wipe the dust off.

Clean the Air Ducts and Vents

The vents and air ducts play an integral role in the efficiency and performance of HVAC unit. So, clear any roadblocks restricting proper air flow.  Also, do a thorough duct cleaning to remove any grime or a build-up lining the system.

Schedule Professional Air Conditioner Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services

For over 70 years, Air Rescue Air Conditioning has been providing the residents of Tampa air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services. Our HVAC technicians inspect your entire air conditioning system clean it, repair, replace and install for improved efficiency and performance. Call us today for quality HVAC services.