Saturday 23 February 2019
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5 Reasons why you need XL Joinery Doors

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Why not update your home and make it more sophisticated? Through the simple installation of XL Joinery doors, you can make your property more visually enhancing.

Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery is stockists of the XL Joinery doors and they would be more than happy to discuss how you could benefit from them, just give them a call on 01938 557733 today.

If your home is lacking style and consistency, consider the distinct types of internal and external doors that are available from Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery!

Starting from the outside of your property…

External doors.

Your home needs to be welcoming. You may not consider it to be all that much but the front door is something that sets the tone of your property, it provides an insight to what your house could potentially look like internally.

The external doors from Wonkee Donkee are designed to perform exceedingly well, capturing the attention of passers-by and creating an immaculate first impression. The same can be said for the XL joinery doors that are fitted at the back of your property!

Let’s take a step indoors!

Glazed doors.

The doors that separate your hallway from your living room; the living room from the kitchen, each need to be suitable for the type of house you live in. The glazed XL Joinery doors from Wonkee Donkee are perfect if you live in a property that’s relatively new, they will enable you to put a modern twist on your home.

The Oak Shaker with Clear Glass internal door is ideal if you want to follow a certain theme throughout your property, making it blend seamlessly. There is a wide selection of colours to choose from – so make sure you choose something that suits the rest of your interior décor!

Obscure glass.

Yet another way you can make your home more stylish and sophisticated! The XL Joinery doors are available in many different variations, take the obscure glass internal doors for instance. These doors are perfect for use in the bathroom, ensuring your dignity is retained.

The obscure glass provides a sense of privacy, allowing you to use the bathroom confidently, without any disturbances.

Panelled doors.

Wonkee Donkee’s panelled XL Joinery doors make excellent bedroom doors, making them all match and follow the same theme. They are designed to be sturdy and extremely reliable, complementing the style you have adopted within your property.

The doors can be easily decorated using stains and paints if you don’t want them to all look the same. You can make them unique and stylish, putting your own personal touch on things. The fact that Wonkee Donkee provides doors that are customisable makes them more desirable than any other- so why not check out the internal panelled doors here?

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