Saturday 23 February 2019
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4 Tips for choosing panelled doors for your home

If the doors in your home have seen better days and have been looking a little too “well loved” recently, it may be time for a change. Not only will you feel better about the appearance of your living quarters after you’ve successfully replaced those fittings, but it will do a great deal for the safety of your home too. Loose hinges, dodgy handles and warping wood can be dangerous after all!

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So how do you go about selecting the ideal doors for your home? How do you decide upon the style that is right? There are thousands of options to choose from everywhere you look, but the experts at WonkeeDonkee XL Joinery have made a pretty solid case for panelled doors – take a look below to see what they have to say on the subject.

Why go panelled?

Panelling is an attractive design detail that has proven popular amongst woodworkers and householders for generations, but why choose this particular type of fitting over unworked, natural wood? Of course, the answer is partly to do with your particular taste, but there’s also a technical, physical reason why panelling is often used. However it is treated before being hung in your home, a door created from one solid piece of natural wood is many times more likely to warp or move, depending on the humidity of your household. Kitchen and bathroom doors are particularly likely to fall victim to this problem. As panelled doors are fashioned from a number of different sections of wood, the door as a whole tends to be much less affected by this particular problem. Besides this, though, the use of panelling can allow a homeowner to bring attractive elements of his or her favoured interior design right down to the functional details and the doorways.


As with many types of door, there is a vast selection of materials available to suit your requirements. Wood, metal and glass can all be used to great effect – but panelled doors in particular offer you the opportunity to combine a variety of these. WonkeeDonkee’s stunning selection of oak with aluminium inlay, for example, allows you to toe the line between natural, traditional woodwork and sharp modernism – complementing either preference in the rest of the room’s décor.

Detail vs Simplicity

The design of a panelled door can be as minimalist or as complex as is desired. The potential for pattern and motif is great within this particular type of door leaf construction, so you can choose a door that complements or contrasts with whatever design concepts you have chosen for your home.

Do you need a door?

Of course, sometimes a solid door is not the answer at all! Before you make your choice, consider the use of space in your home. You may decide that placing panelled doors between some rooms and leaving other access points as framed “archways” may create interesting contrast and allow for a greater flow of light and the impression of more room. Don’t be afraid to get creative, as only you can discover the full potential of your home.

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