Thursday 24 January 2019
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Our 3 Top tips on Paving

Paving is an art in itself, and not something everyone can do.  Not only do you need to ensure that the laying conditions and environment is appropriate but you also need to ensure that you have the correct skillset and technique in order to have a top quality job as the outcome.

Tip 1 – Ensuring an even finish

How disappointed would you be if after completion of your paving, the result was bumpy and uneven?  You really need to concentrate and put a lot of focus on this element to ensure that your end result is favourable.  One of the basic tips we would give is around your application when trowelling.  We would recommend that you do 4 or 5 forward and backwards motions ensuring a level surface.  From time to time, step back to view the overall surface to ensure overall the full surface is flat.  When applying this on the ground we also recommend that you use a kneeling board or similar to ensure your clothes do not get contaminated – remember a lot of this is horrible smelly stuff!

Tip 2 – Ensure correct materials

When you have started to pave, the environmental conditions will be appropriate and there is nothing worse than being nearly complete and you have run out of materials.  There is lots of guidance on the internet on all the types of material required depending on the area affected.  We strongly recommend that you purchase more materials than you think you will need.  This will avoid the issue with not seeing the job to completion.  In addition, mistakes sometimes happen therefore a bit of buffer is always good.  If there are any material left over, make sure that you have kept your receipt from the DIY store who should give you a full refund.

Tip 3 – Getting guidance

If you go on the internet you will see lots of sites that detail “How To” guides.  We would recommend that you take a peek of these and take some notes.  Even on sites such as YouTube, you will see many different videos from people paving and giving guidance and techniques.  If you are really stuck then you may want to pay a professional company to help out.  There are companies such as Sureset Paving Specialists that do this as a day job.  If you head on over to their website you will see fantastic pictures of work they have completed via many different photos.  They have also done this sort of work for both residential clients but also some big companies and areas.  If the area you are looking to have completed is significant then we may recommend that you get the experts in to do this for you and complete high quality work.

Paving is not easy and it takes a certain person to have the patience and technique to do this.  We recommend that if you are doing this yourself, you watch some videos on techniques – otherwise get the experts to do it for you!